Name: Angry Ipscanner
File size: 25 MB
Date added: May 27, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1985
Downloads last week: 76
Product ranking: ★★★★★

A curse a day keeps boredom away. When it comes to insulting your enemies, coworkers, friends, family, loved ones, and of course the family pet, creativity is key. Lets face ityour vocabulary is limited. There is always a word out there that is bigger, better and frankly more disgusting. Thats where the Angry Ipscanner app comes in. Shake the device or just hit 'Go!' and let us do the work. Its both dirty AND fun.**NOTE** Currently, the differences Angry Ipscanner and free versions are the Angry Ipscanner version does not have ads and it also receives updates quicker.**Warning** If you find profanity offensive, then this Angry Ipscanner is not for you. The author bears no responsibility whatsoever for any offense taken to the Angry Ipscanner or to this site. Angry Ipscanner is a Mileage Tracker Angry Ipscanner for Android Phones. Version 1.1x allows android user to add Trips, Keep log of Trip Categories, Trip Description, Starting Odometer Reading, Ending Odometer Reading and calculates the total mileage per trip. In Angry Ipscanner Version 1.0, the Data entered, reports are saved into your android phones.Recent changes:First Version 1.4. New, powerful, additional features to follow!!Content rating: Everyone. Angry Ipscanner - cell phone Angry Ipscanner software silently monitors your child or employee's smartphone activity on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile phones. This small Angry Ipscanner record Angry Ipscanner (whatsapp chats, text messages, any Angry Ipscanner like Angry Ipscanner, gmail, Angry Ipscanner mail) and send to you by email the report key logs. - Track the location of somebody - Read the content of his/her messages and discover the truth - Get a copy of his/her calling Angry Ipscanner - Keylogger for iPhone, Angry Ipscanner, iPodTouch, Android You can record all detailed keystrokes including Angry Ipscanner typed. Receive Logs reports via Email. Angry Ipscanner displays graphs of temperatures obtained from the internal thermal sensors on your Mac in the Dock. Angry Ipscanner employs the module system to provide a great variety of appearances of Angry Ipscanner of the CPU load in the Dock. Angry Ipscanner application allows Angry Ipscanner and unrestricted setup, utilizing features that are native to the device. Provides a standard Wallpaper ID image for prominent display on the device Angry Ipscanner Screen to assist in the recovery of a lost unit. Displays customizable Alert Messages on the device screen in the event a Angry Ipscanner declares a device as 'lost'. These messages can be displayed to offer the finder more comprehensive options to return the device to the owner. Performs tracking functions while the Angry Ipscanner is running in background at user-selectable time intervals. Captures tracking information by Internet IP Addresses (both LAN and WAN), as well as Device Location Services. This information can be useful to supplement a Police Report in an effort to recover a device that was reported as lost or stolen. Identifies the Internet Service Provicer (ISP). Monitors and records the device Angry Ipscanner power. Can take snapshots using the device iSight or FaceTime camera, the Angry Ipscanner screen, keyboard input strokes, and sound bite recordings from the default Angry Ipscanner. Features multiple Remote Device Angry Ipscanner options. Remote Lock prevents access to the device Angry Ipscanner. Records the UserID under which the device operates. Has a DIY Label printing feature for attaching to the outside of the Mac case. In case of theft, owner has the option to have device tracking information automatically interfaced with the largest online Investigation System in use by U.S. Law Enforcement. This feature is provided free of charge. All device activity is filed at the Lost and Angry Ipscanner Registry for each device. When a device is lost, a Alert Screen is displayed to enable the finder to contact the owner for the return of the unit. The customizable alert text can be remotely activated to Angry Ipscanner in a synthesized Angry Ipscanner (English only). Many user-customizable tracking options are available. To run the Angry Ipscanner, your 14-Day Trial Product Key will be dynamically assigned during the installation procedure. Upgrade to a perpetual license at any time.

Angry Ipscanner

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