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She advised him to go to the police? I have a lot of work to get through today. The desk has three drawers. He said he would write to me, but he hasn't. There is a melon on the table. Can he speak English? I have life insurance. Christmas is soon, isn't it? It would be great if we could meet again. He was determined to go abroad.
Chistes Para: - Guess.
- Is Ashwin giving a lecture?
- You should make sure that you don't make Tom angry.
- Don't waste your breath.
- I guess we should go get something to eat.
- Do you know Tom well?
- I don't get what you mean.
- Do you know who made it?
- Pass me the salt, will you?
- Tom's a beginner, but he catches on fast.
You are in a safe place. How do you spell it? The moon is already out. May I have a receipt? She couldn't convince him to accept a personal check. Could you tell me how to get to the station? I'm very fat. She was advised by him to get more exercise. I see. Do you think you'll learn to drive in the future? Thank you for your letter.

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